How to take care of your jewelry

When you shop from Maria Wiktorén Jewelry you always get 100% sterling silver or real gold. Materials that are made to last! But even if it is real materials we are using, jewelry do get worn and silver oxidize by time. But there is ways you can prevent damage and keep your jewelry shiny!

Silver -

Oxidizing happens to silver more easily if you are not wearing you jewelry everyday and if they are not put in a small box or bag when you are not wearing them. Also if you use a lot of products like hair spray, make up and perfume that get's on your jewelry, it also makes oxidizing happen faster. So a great tip is to always put on your jewelry the last thing you do! But I know it's not always fun to take off and on jewelry, maybe you are like me and love to live in your pieces. If so, you can get yourself a silver dip (Hagerty Silver Foam is great) to clean your jewelry or, use this method:

(Don't use this method if you have stones in your jewelry, except for Diamonds or Sapphires). 

Take a bowl and cover it in foil. Then place your jewelry in the bowl and pour a few spoons with baking soda over the pieces, then you take hot (but not boiling) water and cover everything. Let it soak for about 10 minutes before you rinse off in water! Done! 

Gold -

Gold is a very hard and durable material but it still get scratches like any other jewelry and with time it can also need reparation and if not taking good care of, it can go faster. It's very important that you take off your jewelry when you are doing something that can harm your pieces and especially if you have a ring with gemstones. Stones can get scratched and chipped even if it's a diamond or a hard gemstone like Sapphire! For rings I also recommend that once a year at least, you leave your ring at a goldsmith who can take a look at the settings and see if the stones are safe as they are, or if the settings needs a little reparation to hold the stones better in place. A goldsmith can also help you with scratches and polish the ring so it shines like new again!

A fast cleaning for dull gemstones in goldrings or other gold jewelry:
If you have gemstones in your jewelry and they become a little dull, you can take warm water, soap and a tooth brush and gently scrub the jewelry and the stones. And don't forget to scrub the stone from underneath if you have a claw setting! This method will make the stone more clear again and the ring will look much more shiny!